After my coronary surgery, I have been in a coma. It has been 34 days and my consciousness seemed not in a hurry to either get back into or come out of my body. This is the secretive side of the human body – the spirit. In medical terms, there are many possible reasons for my condition. It could have been the effects of the anesthetic drugs, the antibiotics, the risk of surgery, my age etc… .

On top of it, my kidney and my liver are both a bit dizzy. So I have been on and off the kidney and liver dialysis machines, in the last five weeks. To add to it, I had a rush of gastric bleeding, in the middle of all this. It may also have led to some bleeding in my brain. My heart beat and blood pressure are erratic and I am supported by a ventilator system.

My body has no tolerance of any excess of any type of drugs at the moment. I am what they called ‘vary fragile’. It means that I am in a muddled state medically and physically and is giddy too. In another words, I am in a critical condition, in the CICU and I have become just numbers, graphs, and clinical chemical statistics. Surely, this is not all that there is to a human being? Are there no instruments that can weight up the human spirit, soul or consciousness?