A voice and a visual profile




Dr Shamsul Azhar Ahah works as a teaching doctor in epidemiology at University Kebangsaan Malaysia in the weekdays and is a wheelchair table tennis player in the weekends (when he is not traveling abroad) . He is also an active member of the Malaysian Paralympic Council.

Shamsul came to view the photographs In the Face of Disability at the KLPac and he is also one of the athletes portrayed in the exhibition by Victor Chin. Shamsul has been following Victor Chin’s photographic work on the paralympic sports over the last few years and together they have been trying to promote a wider exposure of the activities of this group of athletes.

‘This second collection of photographs by Victor Chin continue to raise the voice and the visual profile of this small group of athletes which is somewhat neglected by mainstream concerns. Seeing our pictures in an exhibition like this, taken in an artistic and engaging way, makes me proud and more determined. I am going to tell my other sports friends to come to see the show and of course I will bring my family too. My son will be proud of his dad when he comes here and then to spot my photo hanging on the wall among his father’s friends.’

In the Face of Disability will be on show till 27 February at KLPac. This exhibition is hosted by Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre and supported by Applied Imaging.