A Change of Govenment, minds and hearts.

The needle on my right hand draining blood down to the bag.

My friend Lee donating his blood at the UH Blood Bank

Sharing blood with our brothers and sisters

This morning, the air over the country was filled with a lot of political expectancy, there could be a new government running our nation, but what was more important to me and my friend Lee, was to answer an urgent SMS call from the University Hospital requesting O+ blood. We each gave 450ml of our blood.

There is a usual shortage of blood donors at this time of the year and it was crucial they call people up requesting blood and if you feel generous and would like to give some blood to save someone’s life, please go to the hospital, its urgent!

While lying on the bench, waiting and watching my blood flow down to the beg, I was thinking what I would like the newly elected political representatives to keep in their minds and hearts – perhaps a sense of generosity? – of giving and sharing freely with anyone, known or unknown (as in the case of giving blood to a blood bank, you do not know who will need your blood).

One of the main complains about the present government for the last 51 years is that there had been no generosity of spirit, there was only sharing of huge amount of wealth among a selected group holding power, while those majority who had elected them had been only given just ‘crumbs’ from the financial cake or else only lip service during election times.

Malaysians long to see a change of government and also a change of minds and hearts in our country.