Sharing a meal and life lessons

Dinner time at the Agathians Shelter home in Petaling Jaya

Do you generally feel that real kindness might not exist (with all the endless wars and human injustices around us, here and elsewhere )? Or, do you  simply believe human beings to be naturally kind?

Have  you also wondered why there are so many kids without parents and homes in our towns and cities? Furthermore, what are your reflections on this essential yet  eternal and complex question, “How shall one live?”

One of the many places, where you can reflect on the above issues, is at the Agathians Shelter, in Petaling Jaya, a home for the displaced young people.

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One thought on “Sharing a meal and life lessons”

  1. Let us answer the first question. Every sentient being has a Buddha nature. It is purely a matter of time and question of practice to bring this out. As a follow through, human beings are inherently compassionate.
    One should live by being accountable for one’s action and speech,take responsibility and blame no one for the consequences.

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