Sunday lunch party

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On 24 Sunday February , Victor Chin invited about 70 friends to a lunch party at the KLPac, where his photo exhibition is still on till 29 this month. This special occasion was for some of Victor’s friends and some of Victor’s friends’ buddies to socialise, meet and talk with each other, some for the first time, others meeting again after many years.

The lunch was co-hosted by two old chums, Dato’ Faridah Marican and Victor Chin, who both wanted to share the cost for the party. Marge Chew made some delicious chocolate muffins and another old mate Heah Hock Heng and his friends did the aromatic ‘nasi kunit’, chicken curry and ice cream. All the food, drinks and goodies were assembled into paper bags on that morning by Numpueng, May, Lucian, Chong Ang, Ai Mee, Maureen, Felix, Dani and a team of friends. Renita was the guest MC and Ah Seng was the guest photographer.

Some visitors were taken on a tour of the KLPac by Ian Chow, others went to look at the Koi fish and Japanese gardens. Wairah Marzuki brought her companions and set up the painting and drawing group. Nala conducted a fun movement session with 20 different disabled bodies. Lucy Lim and Ean Lee brought their pals from the deaf club and Dr Shamsul came with his family and a few fellow paralympic athletes. Chee Keong invited his close blogging friend Peter Tan (read more) and they both come with their family members.

The music through the afternoon was provided by the Harmonica music group from the Malaysian Association of the Blind led by Godfrey Ooi.

There was a lot of music, food and fun for both the abled and the disabled, the young and the old and hopefully everyone had a good time.