Malaysians Deserve Freedom

Freedom under the rule of law, tyranny under the ISA

The behaviours of our recently elected representatives in government in Malaysia are becoming increasingly authoritarian and in an arbitrarily manner. Using the Internal Security Act (ISA) they had, in this month, arrested four Malaysians and later released three (Tan Hoon Cheng a reporter, Teresa Kok a parliamentarian, Sheih a blogger) and detained one (Raja Petra a blogger) for a two year period.

These four and many thousands of other Malaysians who had  challenged their elected parliamentarians’ authority in the business of governing the country are labelled as ‘a threat to the security of the country’. The reasons for their arrest and sudden release or continued detention show that the cabinet is in disarray and autocratic, with internal ‘power struggle’ going on in the ruling party. To covering up their in-house political struggle, they have in the meantime, created a situation of fear among their electorates.

These politicians, over the years in power, had not been listening to the peoples’ concerns which are ideas that promote open debate, equality, honesty and fairness. The official responds to these request of basic Human Rights is to use the ISA on its citizens. This is what Malaysians want to change and we hope it will come soon.

8-3-08 Malaysian Dissent Day


The sovereign peoples of Malaysia, 49% of the 7.9 million, who went to the polls during the 12 general election on 8-3-08, voted for the opposition parties. Only 51% voted for the national coalition parties and they now rule the country by a simple majority, not with the 2/3 majority as they enjoyed before.

This is a victory for the Malaysians who dared to register their vote of dissent to the politicians in power for the last 51 years and this act of objection deserved our gratitude and praise. This ought to be a date in Malaysian history as a Malaysian Dissent Day (MDD) and ought to be celebrated annually from now on.

Politically MDD  will remind all the politicians, in power or otherwise, the peoples of the nation is the authority. And there is still the next task to get the rest, 50% of the population of 27 million, who didn’t register to vote to do so for the next election. This is a vote by the different peoples, for the peoples of the country and not for politicians to misuse it for their own personal or party’s benefit.

MDD will alert its electorates about the social and cultural racist practices that existed in the country and learn how this concept of a ‘superior race’ is used, not just in Malaysia but world wide, as a tool to divide and subjugate its citizens and make them miserable and downtrodden.

The sovereign peoples of Malaysia deserved to live in freedom, dignity and fraternity. Long live the voice of dissent. Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!