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Pulau Perhentian series of abstract acrylic paintings will be my next exhibition at the KLPac starting 3 to 30 November, daily 10 to 10.

Recent paintings

March 26th, 2008

Pulau Perhentian No25

Victor Chin, Pulau Perhentian No 25 (detail), 2005, acrylics on canvas, 85x120cm

This abstract image, filled with refracted yellow light of tropical waters, suggests a vibrant marine life surrounding the islands of the East Coast of Malaysia, where Pulau Perhentian, is just one of them. In this visual construction there are many different brush marks, lines and shapes, all pointing to the varieties of colourful fishes, sea shells, jelly fishes with their long tentacles etc.

One of the ways to enjoy this work, is to get really close to the surface of the painting and squinting your eye, gradually make out, from your our experience, some of your own memories of being in the undersea world. Your own recollection, will no doubt, add to the deeper pleasures of looking at a work of art like this one.

Could it be an oriental calm or turbulence or both? Its hard to tell.