A letter of dissent


Victor Chin’s letter of dissent, to the editor of the Malaysian newspaper, The Edge, was published in Options (Oct. 22, Issue 622). The letter referred to the piece by Veronica Shunmugan in Options entitled The art of being Jolly (Oct. 2, Issue 620) where artists Jolly Koh used discriminatory words like “Third World”, “feudalistic” and “impoverished cultural environment” to describe Malaysian artistic life.

Victor’s earlier letter, to the editor of the Malaysian newspaper, The Sunday Star, was never published. That letter also objecting to the same prejudice by the same artist, on the identical subject by the above mentioned writer while she was working for The Star.

These last 4 blogs ( Oct. 2, 10, 18 & 27 ) is a conversation about art and cultural life and how, there still exists, a lot of bias, bigotry and intolerance. Issues about cultures, races, ethnicity, religion, nationalism etc. are changing all the time. It also means changing how we view them. The less we see human kinds as them and us, the more we will get out of life.