Blood arteries



I am in the hospital for a heart bypass. I am 76 (on my IC), but my real age is 80. My doctors have all agreed that I am a good candidate for a coronary bypass, as I am still fit and strong. In the last eight years, I have been on a cocktail of medication for my angina and it had work pretty well, but recently the problem became acute and life threatening.


I agreed to this ‘plumbing job’ with some small reservation. My son and daughter both have their families, and they are also happy with my decision and are supportive. I have lived a good long life. I have been in danger, many times before, and this is not the last one either. At this age, I can take another risk with my life and the out come is well worth it. I might live for another 5 to 10 years? There is now a 95% success rate in this kind of surgery.


On 31 October, 2006, along the way to the operating theater, lying on my hospital bed, I had to pass through many long corridors and had to be in and out of lifts. But, in no time, I was also going into the deep recesses of my body and my consciousness. What happened next are a mystery of medical science and a secret of the human body.