What hope? Give me a cure!



The surgeon, doctors and nurses are telling my family to be positive. They all say that they are doing their best and are committed to getting me well. They tell my son and daughter that my heart by pass was successful; that I would be coming round the corner anytime; that my kidney was only temporally malfunctioning; that my liver would recover soon; that my stomach bleed would subside; that the bleed in my brain was not that serious and would correct it self in due time etc… .

I came in to the hospital to correct my heart’s congested arteries but after the surgery I was in a coma. I am worst off then when I went in. Before the surgery I was as well as I could be. I had a normal life like anyone my age. I was able to do most things for myself. I could even go to the market and then cook for myself. However, I did regularly get sudden attacks of severe debilitating heart pains.

What I hoped which would be a cure for my acute angina, was not working out as planned. The medical team tried reconnecting an artery in my heart, but after that, they were not able to fix back the normal function of my body. My body and soul had moved into an in between state, from life on earth to one that is beyond. So, in the last forty days, after all the promised medical knowledge and practice, I am about to die. Death is the only way to the next world. This has been a fatal medical experience and the decision to go in for it was not a mistake, it was the only possible next step.

Was all these weeks in hospital an unwarranted high estimation of my hope in science, religion and life, on my part?