New uses of photography




Paul Choo, a well known photographer/designer/blogger, was among the many hundreds of visitors to KLPac Open day on the 27 January and he walked round to the photography exhibition In the Face of Disability by Victor Chin.

What was written on his face as he gazed at the photos, which he had seen before displayed at Kimi Gallery, were many questions about photographers and their artworks. Pual perhaps may be thinking that this collection of images go beyond the normal range of pictures taken by today’s photographers that he had seen.

To him Victor’s portraits of the disabled group is making him rethink the uses of photography and how photographers may need to find new stories to tell or find new angles to present an old story – to show what is commonly hidden or over looked.

Hopefully, some of the visitors who came to this visual event may have seen an aspect of beauty in the human condition which they thought there was none.

Victor Chin’s exhibition In the Face of Disability is now extended to the 29 Febuary 2008 at KLPac by popular demand.