Bangkok Postcard

Street life

Bangkok Chinatown street life.

Wondering around the Chinatown area, with its busy narrow streets, in what is also the older section of Bangkok, one can see a great variety of street life of those who live and work and bring up families, in that neighbourhood. There is always someone buying or selling or going about doing something for a living. It is one of the big cities in South East Asia with more than 6 million people wanting to make a living, one way or the other. Like most other mega cities of the world there is with big contrast between the living standards of rich and the poor. Vary often, life is hard for many of them, but they still are out there everyday, rain or shine.

This street vender, with her goods, was waiting for her next customer and while waiting, she was able to rest briefly, take her feet off the heavy load she has to carry all day, before she has to move on to a new spot, in view of some hungry-passer-by, on the streets of Bangkok.