Malaysians Deserve Equality

Equality under the rule of law, Inequality under the ISA

The lawyers from the Malaysian Bar Council and many other civil society groups and also opposition politicians, had all declared, in one way or the other, that we have adequate laws in place to deal with the security and lawlessness in the country and that there is no need to use the ISA to arrest and imprison indefinitely any Malaysians without a proper open trial in our courts. This is an inclination towards political tyranny and inequality.

What Malaysians have been longing for, in the last 51 years, is for a time of political maturity, where, talent and hard work matters (not race and religion), loyalty is not automatically owned to any one and that respect for each other had to be earned and not demanded by using tyrannical threats and intimidation like the ISA.

Ironically, we have inherited the old form of tyranny from which we have emerged as a nation but that has been transformed by our present government to oppressive its electorates.

So, we are eagerly awaiting the next change of government (legitimate or otherwise), as this present group is not doing what they had been elected to do, which is to protect the country from abuse of power and leading us to the road to despotism and despair.