Financial Crisis: Need, Greed, Fraud & Collapse

The Rose of yesterday, today and tomorrow. The Changeable Rose. Rose of Sharon

Who and what can we trust now that we are facing a global financial crisis? This situation, sooner or later, will effect our lives, threatening our savings, pensions, jobs, homes, education, families, friends, foods, environments, countries etc… . It is difficult for most of us to make sense of this confusion and despair, brought about, deliberate or otherwise, by the world’s political, financial leaders and those in power. And ourselves too, to a large extant is part of the system.

This photograph of the rose (above) from the flowering plant, Hibiscus Mutabilis, was taken from my garden, recently.  One of my Orang Asli friends from Kuala Krau in Pahang gave me a cutting of the plant. This vigorous bushy shrub has since started to flower. Each flower opens to about 10 to 15 cm wide, starts up as pure white in the morning, then changes to pink in the afternoon and finally, closes up as deep red by evening and drops off.

The cycle of the life of this rose and its transforming colours, offer me a a visual metaphor, to muse over the current, boom to burst, global financial situation, and to wonder what kind of world we have inherited- yesterday, today and tomorrow. I hope to share this image with someone else in whatever way they may like to view it.

If you have the time, you may like to check out this site Global Financial Crisis which I find informative. To add more tales to the plight, go to A Tale of Interesting Times

One thought on “Financial Crisis: Need, Greed, Fraud & Collapse”

  1. Thank you so much Mr. Chin for commenting on my blog, and let me add that your beautiful “Rose” piece is the epitomy of the circle of life.

    I do want to add a simple answer to your question of “who and what can we trust”, and that is, we can only trust ourselves. Our intuitive spirits, our knowledge of what’s right and our ambitions to try and change the world for the better.

    Thank you again, your friend… Tina

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