Chua Cheng Chye (1922-2008)

Chua, in the nursing home, making his point, in his usual expressiveness

Chua went back to his Lord on the 7 November 2008

Chua’s funeral service at Wesley Methodist Church, Malacca, 9 November 2008

The last bugle salute at the crematorium at Melaka Memorial Park, 9 Nov 2008

In Memoriam

Our teacher, Headmaster, choir master, singer, song writer, youth leader, youth counsellor, church lay leader, scouts master, Captain of the Boys’ Brigade, friend and co-conspirator.

Chua died, age 86, peacefully, on 7 Nov. at the hospital due to old age. He died a ‘Bujang Lapuk’, (a song title which he loved by the late P Ramlee) a pennyless bachelor. Though he may have been poor in the normal material sense, living just off his pension, he was rich in spirit. His body is dead but his soul lives on through the memories in countless minds.

His generosity with his time and money (when he had some) was hard to match. Anyone, young and old, of what ever religion, colour and social status, can approach him and if can help, he will always do his best to help. Of course his was not a magician or an angle. He too had his limitations like everyone.

Everyone who came to his funeral has their own stories about their encounters with Chua and we hope those who did not make it to ‘his last journey’ may be able to do so through joining in memory of Chua through with comments in the many internet links which some of us have started. Here is the first one,

Hopefully there will be many others contributors and we can then put the story of Chua’s life on the net.

2 thoughts on “Chua Cheng Chye (1922-2008)”

  1. As they say – we come into this world with nothing, we leave with nothing – but the fond memories left behind will always linger in our minds. So…make hay while the sun shines – life is short, so to speak. We are all here on ‘borrowed’ time. May Chua Cheng Chye’s soul rest in peace.

  2. Hundreds of boys which includes me, owe a great great deal to our dear Mr Chua. He cared for, mentored us from the 40’s after the War- he was our dear Scout Master of “dear 9th Troop”; brought us to KL to perform at the Radio Malaya studios, brought us to camp at the Chay Yan Scout Camp at Pantai Kundor, our Carer,Counsellor, Advisor and Inspiration. Our Church Choir Director and brought us up in the knowledge and love of our Lord jesus Christ. His “boys ” have blossomed all over the World. We will mourn for his passing but his love and dedication will be felt and passed on forever . Till we meet at His feet again..

    Thank you Dr Wong for telling us you thoughts about Chua from the 40s. We all hope you and your family are well and in good health. Victor Chin

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