Sharing another person’s feelings

A view of the exhibition with some visitors

Justin Hughes visiting

Lee Hong Leng taking a closer look

This exhibition has been on for a few weeks and it had many visitors. Justin Hughes, an old friend from the 80s, was one of the first visitors.  He was in Kuala Lumpur for a short visit after attending an International Law conference in Singapore. Justin is currently a Law Professor in New York.

Lee, a fellow photographer and partner of a photographic lab that printed all my prints, was also at the show to share his experiences about photography. It has been his continuing support and encouragement, over the years, that has made it possible to continue this social documentary project.

2 thoughts on “Sharing another person’s feelings”

  1. Hello Victor
    It looks like a wonderful exhibit. I see pictures of Chong and Carmen, and maybe you can greet them for me. I am so grateful for everything they did for me, a stranger from another country. Also Justin! He is the reason we met you when we came to Malaysia, I think! You look content in those posted photographs.

    Thank you for turning our attention to empathy. Your photos, and the photos you have posted of the party are very moving. It’s good exercise in being human to look outward. We can’t be so self-absorbed, and maybe we can make the world better by enriching each other’s lives.

    Take care, and please greet your family for us. Lynn Sheldon

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