Some Mornings

Some mornings, my breakfast is a simple bowl of home made peanut and dried oysters porridge, cooked over night in a slow cooker, with a sprinkling of chopped fresh spring onions and coriander. A small port of Chinese tea.

My son, Seenum, would have gone to school after his own breakfast. My wife, Numpueng, drives him to his near by kinder garden. She usually have her own choice of food in the morning which she’ll pick up on the way back home. We would eat together occasionally.

On days like this, there is a sense of happiness and serenity, otherwise, there is usually a feeling of anxiety. I am often filled with mortal concerns. How long can I continue to take care of my family and myself? How shall I live? What have I done with the life given to me? How can I have a clarity of mind?

How much do I know of the art of living?

5 thoughts on “Some Mornings”

  1. Hi there Vic,

    I really envy you. As much as a lot of people say that you can also do that, it still boils down to the other commitments in life that don’t allow you that privilege as yet. Enjoy life while you can as no one knows what is there for you tomorrow.

    Take Care….

  2. You looked after Mum until her passing away exactly 30 months ago today. That itself was a huge responsibility and you faced some challenges along the way. Now it is time for you to sit back, do as little or as much as you want, enjoy Numpueng’s company and watch Seenum grow and develop into a fine young man. Don’t worry too much what tomorrow may bring as we can’t foresee our future. But what we can do is reflect on our achievements. You were a wonderful son to Mum, a great husband, a devoted father and a caring brother in my books. These are your qualities that make you so special to us.

  3. We agree with Swee and more. As we all become increasingly advanced in age, we need to seriously “chill”. Although it is a good exercise to reflect,it is even more important to treasure the present and perhaps,though not always necessary, contemplate on the future. So, brother, just enjoy and take care.

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