Photographs as memories


The exhibition at the KLPac


Peter and Wuan with their presentations


Me with some of my photographs

Our group photograhpic exhibition is now on at the KLPac and thanks to KLPac the show  has been extended from 17 August to 13 September. With this extension, it will also co inside with Shakespeare’s play Hamlet ,which also explores the ideas of death, at the KLPac directed by Chris Ling.

We simply wanted to share our private photographs of our grief with a public and hope that this encounter might initiate important dialogue about life and death, and explore the relation between the two. We know this sort of private experiences of lost are seldom seen in the open, like what we are doing with our pictures, but we hope this show will open up often closed doors of our sorrows.

Peter Tan had his story in his blog.

The Sin Chew and the Star newspapers had also helped with the publicity of our exhibition.  Thanks to the editors and staff.

2 thoughts on “Photographs as memories”

  1. Hi dear Peter and Wuan
    your attention to this theme,was very interesting to me.
    I follow this subject also.
    I’m eager to see you if it will be possible.
    Maybe we can find a same aim and idea.
    Yours sincerely, Elham

  2. one of the person with the lomography society at klpac this afternoon. your face looks familiar, and i knew u somewhere but dont remember where. i visited ur exhibitions last august. kind suprising to meet u today…. neway cant wait ur son’s picture with his new toy… :)..hav a nice day.

    regards, omar.

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