Visitors and revisiting memories


Some visitors at the exhibition


Wuan and Peter Tan talking to some visitors


Me, Raymond, Lee (from Applied Imaging that supported this project) and Tuan


Stephano signing in the visitor’s book, Peter Crook chatting with Peter Tan

This join exhbition with Peter Tan & Wuan is a revisiting of the momories of our mother’s death and our grief. But it is not only that, to some visitors this show acts as a reminder to them that death is a mystery and it can happen to anyone at anytime. Some said that after looking at our presentation, they hope that their own children will one day do something like what we have done for our mother, for them when they are gone. There are a few who happened to be there, at the KLPac, but haven’t come to see our project and they would not look at the pictures at all and walk straight pass. Of course many are surprised by what we are showing.¬† We hope this display will open minds to an eternal truth about our human condition – death. How shall we prepare for it?

3 thoughts on “Visitors and revisiting memories”

  1. Departure from this samsara world is inevitable. The timing may be sometimes sudden and unexpected in some cases and in some others may be expected and drawn out. One cannot “prepare” for it. We have to accept its inevitability.

  2. Hello Victor, how are you.? Congrats on your current exhibition, it looks amazing from what I can see in the blog. Your work is very poignant and cerebral, and hope many come to see it. Thank you again for introducing me to the KLpac in May this year. How time flies and we are now in September. How was your trip to Cambodia? I am planning a trip back at the end of November to launch the next KL Photoawards 2010.

  3. Hello Mr. Chin! I met you last Saturday at KLPac. I had no idea you were also behind the November 2008 exhibition! It was there the first time I went to KLPac.

    It’s perplexing to know that some people would not look at the pictures of Exit at all. Human nature?

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