Getting to know our constitution

All these years, I had not taken an interest in getting to know a bit more about the Malaysian Constitution. It’s all my own mistake and ignorance.

I had always thought that being a Chinese, I am automatically a second-class citizen compared to the Malays who have been given preferential treatment in our country all these years.

As the Malays are the majority and are Muslims, I had also assumed  we had become an Islamic country and not a secular one, because of the  prominent mosques everywhere.

I have been mistaken and ignorant all along. In our Constitution, every Malaysian of any race has equal  rights and also, this is a secular country.

My new awareness of the Constitution and other civic liberty issues stems from what I had learnt at the Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM) roadshows and forums that I had attended. Here is the latest video of some of the highlights from  the SABM event in Melaka.

Hope this video (which I had put together) will throw some light on important issues affecting you.

One thought on “Getting to know our constitution”

  1. We were back in Malaysia for Ching Ming. Having read the papers and stuff on the net and having spoken to taxi drivers, hawkers etc, we sense general apathy towards politics and frustration with the politicians. What we need is a simultaneous showing of despair in every single state at the same time on the same day. This can be facilitated by the current technology available.
    We are not advocating what the Red Shirts are doing in Bangkok as that is just rabble rousing which can and is getting violent but something like Woodstock.

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