Art and a sense of equality

JULY 8 — Muar town in Johor and Malacca town in Malacca share a very similar geography and historical background. These two towns are an hour’s drive from each other. Both towns started as early seafarers’ settlements at the mouth of the river. However the Muar River is by far the more prominent in both size and length compared to the Malacca River even though both rivers flow into the Straits of Malacca.


But Malacca’s history outshone that of Muar’s even though both places had been, in the past, at various times, invaded and conquered by Indians, Javanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, British and Japanese. Even though Muar had a better natural geography than Malacca as a port, why and how did Malacca became the preferred port of call in the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries? That is a historical question for historians.

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One thought on “Art and a sense of equality”

  1. There are 2 major points here.

    Just like Hong Kong, word spread amongst the colonials that there is a treasure trove to be ransacked and the stepping stone just happened to be Malacca. That is point 1.

    It is true that Muar had the better natural geography but it is Malacca that had the better feng shui. Now, whether this is or was a good thing is debateable but nevertheless a crucial factor. Historians will dismiss this but it must not be ignored if one were to look at the bigger picture.

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