Ex-combatants of the Malaya communists party and the former political detainees of Malaya and later Malaysia came together on Sunday 2 December for a film screening. This is a friendship association formed by themselves to share their traumas that they had all suffered unjustly. The film ‘ Five tigers’ brought back survival memories for many of them and in some way helps to heal many of their indelible scars. The film will continue to travel, watch out for it showing near you.

Self help and healing war wounds

Today, December 2, in Kajang, over 500 ex-combatants of the defunct Communist Party of Malaya, together with families and friends came to commemorate the 30 anniversary of the signing of Hat Yai Peace agreement (2 Dec 1989). They laid down their arms and they were promised a safe passage home. These women and men were at their youth when they took up arms first to fight the Japanese and later the British for Independence. This war lasted about 44 years and many have lost their lives in the many battles but some are still alive today to tell their war memories and wounds. These annual gatherings are their way of healing themselves emotionally, physically and finding a sense of belonging.