About Me: Victor Chin

I am a freelance painter, photographer, writes occasionally and a documentary film maker. I work and live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My subjects are usually outside mainstream interests and concerns but are based on real-life issues about place and people.

E-mail: vicchinmail@gmail.com

Mobile: +60162680258

21 thoughts on “About Me: Victor Chin”

  1. Thanks for commenting on my recent pictures from Tanzania. I will be checking your page out more, since it seems we have some things in common. =)


  2. Hi Mr Chin,
    You still look great and wonderful work.
    When I was 16-17 (some 25 years ago) I came to your studio looking for a part time job.
    Although I did not get the job, I remember your kindness and your art.
    Take care and continue to enlighten us with your art.

  3. Victor,

    Hope you still remember me of the Malaysian Nature Society and ‘Trees in the City’ days.Read about you in last Sunday’s STAR and glad to find that you are still the ‘controversial’ and enigmatic Victor that I used to know.I am still active in the MNS (probably one of the oldest member!) and meet up often with Surin,Bernie and Uncle Foo who are all still active in the MNS.Perhaps we should meet up one of these days

  4. Hi Victor,

    What a nice opportunity to have met you in person at LESTARI last Thursday. I’m so happy to know that you are capturing beautiful things that usually escapes our sights, but can deeply influence our hearts and mind. Perhaps that’s what sustainable development requires – a society that is able to appreciate beauty, in all its diverse forms. ALL THE BEST!

    Zeeda, UM

  5. Hi, Victor.

    It is nice to know that there are people who still cares for the disabled people. I have not really come across Malaysians who are into helping these people. Previously, I ran a few events to raise fund for the HIV+ people only to find out that half of my team members were actually sceptical about the HIV+ people and some even declined from going to visit them at the House. Although the event was successful, the main objective of me doing the event was not accomplished.

    But when I looked at your blog, i somehow felt that humanity is still around. People still care about each other, although not many people still do that.

    Thank you for renewing my faith in the human race.

    All the best in your work. May the Almighty one above bless you with abundance of health and happiness


  6. Hi Victor

    I chance upon your website while searching for resources to start a photography project for people with disabilities here in Singapore. Would it be possible to get you down to Singapore to do something for us? Would you have friends here you can recommend to help us?

    Regards, Chris

  7. Hi Chris, yes will be please to talk with you about your ideas and how we can work together. email or phone me +60162680258 or 03 79566930

  8. Dear Sirs.

    My name is Allen who is korean. my father told me who bought your works in Pusan long time ago thus he still was interseted your works and and meet with you
    can you reply for me when you have time.
    I work in Bangkok in thailand

    Best Regards.
    Allen choi

  9. What a surprise to hear that your dad had bought some of my works many years ago.
    I am working on new artworks now as you can see on my pages. Please give me your
    Bangkok contact as we’ll be in Bangkok in Dec. All the best to you and your family.

  10. Thanks for joining us for a good day out photographing things. You are a good
    teacher and my son Seenum enjoyed photographing with you.

  11. Victor,

    My husband and I have been vacationing in Penang and I was visiting Convent Light Street and saw your print of the school in the principal’s office then a few weeks later we dined at “The Rose” and there was another of your prints. How nice to know you are still you and still producing and being a leader in the Malaysian art world.


  12. Hi there,

    I recently hung up a picture of my grandmother’s shop at Batu Road, KL. Well my dad told me it was drawn by Victor Chin 🙂 I guess I just wanted to say thank you for capturing that memory of what it was originally, its beautiful. It really brings back a lot of childhood memories.

  13. I’m not surprised that others have written of your generosity. You were also kind and encouraging when I was rekindling my creativity decades ago. Thank you again Victor.

  14. Hi Victor,
    We met many times during our stay in KL in the 90’s. Colin and I bought quite a few of your paintings which are hung in our lounge, hallway and bedrooms. We look at these with such fond memories of you and our time in KL. Just wanted to say hi and thank you for your beautiful work. Lots of live and best wishes From Brenda and Colin x

  15. Hello Victor.
    If I mentioned names like John Aston, Ron Jackson, Haydon Young, Adrian Purkiss, Martyn Hampton, Jo Gait, Rowland Morgan, Sue Dix, John Cook, Sally Garner and Darrell Pockett then I hope you will remember me too. We worked at Alexandra Palace during the early years of the BBC Open University Production Unit. I joined in 1972 and was immediately placed as Ron Jackson’s assistant. This was good for me as Ron was my head tutor at Harrow School of Art. Did you go there too? Anyway… I left the BBC in 1989 and after a short spell at Pinewood Studios decided to go freelance within the TV graphics industry. I still do that today despite approaching 65! I now
    live permanently in New Zealand. I have a photograph of the original BBC OU graphics department taken on the steps of AP. If you’d like me to send it, let me have an email address. Failing that, if you have a FaceBook account, you could apply to join a group dedicated to those of us who worked at the BBC OU Production unit. Just search FaceBook for BBC OUPC group. There are loads of nostalgic photos and comments from people you may or may not know. With best regards. It’s lovely to have discovered your website.
    Richard Laing

  16. Dear Richard, sorry for taking so long to reply your kind note, now a few years back…
    good to know how you have got on and now in NZ. My email: vicchinmail@gmail.com, perhaps
    we can keep in touch, i do not check my page as often as i should.

  17. Hi Brenda, sorry it took me years to check my page in details etc…thank you for your
    kind note and for reminding me about you and colin and my prints in your hall way…
    perhaps we can connect again through email:vicchinmail@gmail.com, How are you both doiing?

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