KLPac foyer
Exhibition at foyer of Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPac)

Victor Chin with his photographs at KLPac

In the Face of Disability is now on exhibition until the 27 January 2008 at the KLPac. It is the third location for this collection of touring photographs. Entrance is free and is open daily from 10 to 10. KLPac is in Jalan Strachan, off Jalan Ipoh.

On the Sunday 27 KLPac is having an open day and there will be a host of art and performing art activities for all the visitors. It is free and open to the public 10 to 5 pm. Victor Chin will guide visitors through his exhibition on that day at 11.30 am.

These 30 black-and-white photographs tell vivid stories of the strong will and determination of people with disability. Many visitors have found these portraits inspirational.

Focusing on Malaysian athletes caught in action or at rest, the pictures capture moments, gestures and facial expressions that evoke the vitality and zest of people revelling in a variety of sporting events.

In the Face of Disability 1b


Thai disabled kids in Art-for-All art camp 2003 & 2004

This group of photographs was my first entry into the world of people with disabilities. The Thailand Art-for-All art camp is held annually for about 100 kids with mix disabilities. The camp is usually held near Bangkok and I started as a volunteer artist at that camp in 2001. Since then I have been back every year to help out and to document what is going on at the art camp. This collection was shown in Thailand in 2005.

Loksan with his body painting

Tian Tong taking a break for camp activities

Bangon painting a picture of her village

Chachatwan painting a landscape in front of him

Naruetewee can only hear what is going on around her

Ronson eating Thai papaya salad with sticky rice for lunch


In the Face of Disability 1

Paralympic Athletes

This set of 40 photographs was shown in 2005 in various locations in Kuala Lumpur. It was my first display of portraits of the Paralympic athletes of Malaysia and included in that collection were some pictures of the disabled kids in an art camp in Thailand. These images were taken between 2003 and2004.

Wan Tiara Azira, Boccia player, 2004

Abd. Azuan Zain, Boccia player, 2004

Mohd. Fauzi, Track athlete, 2004

Ananthy, Swimmer, 2004

Shahrul Zafiq, Boccia player, 2004

Akun Anak Raieng, Swimmer, 2004

In the face of disability 2

Exhibition of B&W photographs (2nd collection) by Victor Chin

This set of thirty photographs, of the Malaysian paralympic athletes, was taken between 2005 and 2006, at various sporting avenues in the Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur. It will go on exhibition at various locations over the next few months in the city.

1st. location: 14 November 2007, will be at DiGi’s head office at Shah Alam.

2nd. location: 16 November to 16 December 2007, Kimi Gallery Cafe, 80 Jln. Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Telephone: 603 7722 5585

Contact handphone no: 6016 268 0258

This exhibition is supported by DiGi & Applied Imaging

Track athletes at the finishing line.

Anthony Martin, wheelchair track athlete, getting ready. 

Rahim Yusoff, track athlete, just after a race.

Azmi B. Zain, wheelchair archer, after the event.


Elizabeth Y Sumor, powerlifting athlete, taking a break.