Petaling Jaya rediscovered

Petaling Jaya, in Selangor, was established as a new residential town in the 1950s. That was the turbulant period just after the Japanese war and the Malayan insurgency. The British shamelessly came back after their defeat by the Japs and the locals took up arms against them. The British had taken all the wealth that they could for 100 years. There was nothing left. The colonists realised their days were over but they still wanted to sweeze the last cent and they started to sell their vast amount of rubber estates land which they got for a song under their rule. This coffee shophouse, in section 1, was built in 1955 and has been operating for over 50 years or more. Their customers have been coming here for just as long. I have just discovered this historical and cultural landscape this week.

Traditional shophouse in Petaling Jaya built in 1955 and used as a coffee shop and also serves noodles.


Fences made by the residents in a poor district in old Kuala Lumpur. Photos by Victor Chin 2021

Fences. Walking into an old wooden neighborhood in the heart of Kuala Lumpur you will find fences made up of all sorts of materials. This is a poor community and they can only use recycled parts that they had collected and they put together freely. The designs, constructions and materials used are lively and creative. This is everyday living and unconscious artistic expression at its best. Enjoy the fences.

Victor Chin’s Malaysian shophouses facades

This was newspaper cutting about my artworks documenting the local shophouses which i was doing about 30 years ago. There are one or two generations of Malaysians who have not heard or seen this conservation pioneering effort that has become better known today. That collection of artworks is still in my mind and may reappear in some form. One of which is my video in Youtube, Moved out. Enjoy and please share.

Newspaper cutting of Victor Chin and his exhibition