Kg Hakka Mantin lost another traditional home

The villagers in Kampung Hakka Mantin are constantly being manipulated by the developer to destroy their home in order to claim an inadequate compensation. One of the houses, at the gate to the village, was demolished recently, in this manner. Many villagers are still staying on.


The villagers put up a new signboard, at the beginning of the year , at the main gate. Protest statements were written on the wall of one of the traditional buildings at the entrance into the village.


The old building with the protest statements had been demolished recently. There are still many residents staying on and keep watch and safeguarding the historical and cultural landscape.


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Reclaiming Historical & Cultural Mantin

On 8-6-14, Rakan Mantin & Kampung Hakka Mantin ????? organised a event to reclaim their Malaysian historical & cultural roots. This early settlement is over a hundred years old that began with the tin and rubber industry of Malaya and later Malaysia. Many of our forefathers were working in the tin mines or rubber plantations. This is a significant early heritage landscape.





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