Visitors and revisiting memories


Some visitors at the exhibition


Wuan and Peter Tan talking to some visitors


Me, Raymond, Lee (from Applied Imaging that supported this project) and Tuan


Stephano signing in the visitor’s book, Peter Crook chatting with Peter Tan

This join exhbition with Peter Tan & Wuan is a revisiting of the momories of our mother’s death and our grief. But it is not only that, to some visitors this show acts as a reminder to them that death is a mystery and it can happen to anyone at anytime. Some said that after looking at our presentation, they hope that their own children will one day do something like what we have done for our mother, for them when they are gone. There are a few who happened to be there, at the KLPac, but haven’t come to see our project and they would not look at the pictures at all and walk straight pass. Of course many are surprised by what we are showing.¬† We hope this display will open minds to an eternal truth about our human condition – death. How shall we prepare for it?




In the Face of Disability was first shown on 14 November 2007 (for one day only) during the Open Heart and Mind Day at the DiGi Headquarters Shah Alam, Selangor. Chee Keong and his mother were among some of the visitors to the display. Chee Keong commented that the photographs of the paralympic athletes on show is encouraging, both for him and to many other disabled people in the community.

Chee Keong wished he could do a bit of sport for exercise to keep physically fit but in his condition it is not so easy, but he is encouraged. He is the web master behind MIND a website for the disabled community in Malaysia. Thought pretty independent on his own his mother and family members help him out in many ways.

DiGi is one of the few multi-national telecommunication companies with a social responsibility program employing wheelchair persons in their more then a 3000 workforce. This is a positive sign for many wheelers to get decent employment in an international working environment in Malaysia or elsewhere.

Victor Chin’s collection of photographs is currently on show at KLPac till 27 Jan. Come meet Victor Chin on 27 Jan at KLpac Open Day when he will be giving a gallery walk through of his exhibition.