Form & Emptiness

Sukhothai 1, Eric Peris, 1990, Digital print on photographic paper. 50x40cm.

Ayutthaya 1, Victor chin, 2006, Digital print on photographic paper, 40x50cm.

Photographic exhibition by Eric Peris and Victor Chin

28 July to 10 August, 2008, at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center (KLPac).

Sunday 3 August, 3pm. Open discussion, with photographers at KLPac,

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Eric’s photographs, taken on several trips in the 1990s, take you on a visual trip into the ruined compounds and remains of Thailand’s first major capital, Sukhothai. His pictures captured what is left in decay of the ‘old city’ and gives a glimpse of the many impressive monuments and religious structures in its ‘golden age’ built in the 13 & 14 century. What his photos suggest is perhaps the Buddhist idea of ‘impermanence’ of all forms and things in life.

Victor’s images, taken between 2006 & 8, present fragments and close-ups of the desecrated Buddhist statues found in Ayutthaya’s ancient sites. It was the second capital of Thailand, flourishing from 14 to 18 century and because of its wealth and success, it was constantly attacked by its neighbours. 400 years ago, the invading Burmese soldiers and subsequent looters left the city in ‘emptiness’.

These 25 pictures are not just about personal memories of places visited and preserved as photographs. The art in these photographs are obvious in their compositions, lines, shapes and tonal values. Many may find these images intriguing and with unusual points of view. Hopefully these visuals can now continue to stimulate other photographer’s interest to tell their stories of other places and faces about the human condition – the destructive and survival instinct in ourselves and our fellow beings.

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