Getting to know our constitution

All these years, I had not taken an interest in getting to know a bit more about the Malaysian Constitution. It’s all my own mistake and ignorance.

I had always thought that being a Chinese, I am automatically a second-class citizen compared to the Malays who have been given preferential treatment in our country all these years.

As the Malays are the majority and are Muslims, I had also assumed  we had become an Islamic country and not a secular one, because of the  prominent mosques everywhere.

I have been mistaken and ignorant all along. In our Constitution, every Malaysian of any race has equal  rights and also, this is a secular country.

My new awareness of the Constitution and other civic liberty issues stems from what I had learnt at the Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM) roadshows and forums that I had attended. Here is the latest video of some of the highlights from  the SABM event in Melaka.

Hope this video (which I had put together) will throw some light on important issues affecting you.

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Sheila Rahman, a consultant editor for the Malay Mail, a local newspaper, highlighted this blog in the paper, Wednesday 21 May, 2008. She is probably one of the few writers here who has a wider and broader experience and understanding of the political, social and cultural life of Malaysians. There will be a daily page in the Malaya Mail about other BlogSpot. Thank you Sheila.

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