Alang with his Cake

Alang’s special halal date cake for all Muslim celebrations.

Alang the creative entrepreneur with one of Victor Chin’s painting which he bought.

Alang and Victor Chin, Malay Mail, May 23,1988, caught in the act of salvaging the Selangor Club grass from extinction.

Two old friends

My old friend, Alang, from the 1980s, is back in Kuala Lumpur, visiting frineds and bringing his cake. He and his family live in New Zealand. In 1988, we were both called ‘romantics’ for attempting to salvage the ‘cow grass’ from the Royal Selangor Club padang from extinction. At that time Cityhall was digging up the century old public common ground to make room for an underground car park, shops and the tallest flagpole. Cityhall officials threaten to take us to court for ‘theft of missing turf’. But it was the most celebrated public artistic and poetic performance art at the time.

Of course it was done in the name of development and progress for the city. But since then the underground structure had been flooded many times, many shops owners have moved out and car owners are fearful to park their car there. Furthermore, the barriers around this area prevents the public access. The city forks and visitors are also deprived of a much needed  open space, to kick a ball about if they wanted to or to take in the best view of our inherited colonial  architecture legacy.

However, for a bit of Hari Raya cheer, Alang has brought in new brand of Hari Raya Cake, Kak Tamr’ Cek Wan, and he is still the creative entrepreneur as he always has been. This is probably the first branding of a cake especially for those who are Muslim and likes cakes for themselves or as a gift for various occassions. This is a delicious aromatic date cake.

To place a order please call Alang hp: 017 339 4870.