Eric Peris: Form-Design-Colour

Colours and design on decayed tree trunk

Eric has the ‘nose’ of a true artist

Yesterday, Eric Peris, my long-standing fellow artist and photographer friend, opened his most recent exhibition at the Sutra Gallery, 12 Persianran Titiwangsa 3, 53200 Kuala Lumpur (tel:03 40229669). This display of ten new works will be on at Sutra till 15 November.

He said this about his collection, ‘Nature has a way of offering endless designs which can be used to express one’s interaction with Nature. One source that I found vary exciting were those designs that appear on the barks of the trees, decayed trunks, interaction of light between leaves, the flow of natural design between plants life, the play of shadows. I used the original form and from there create a design in black-and-white and plan out the colours as I ‘see’ them’.

Eric is a complete artist, he teaches, he writes, he shows by example and is generally concerned about the artistic well being of his fellow artists and photographers. In his Buddhist ways he is always in the middle path and with a smile.

His artistic output, since his first solo exhibition in 1982, ‘Through Thai windows and doorways’ at the Rupa Gallery (1982-1990), which I started, has been consistant and always setting the photographic standard for local art community. Like all true artist, he does not sit too long on a successful formula of past artworks but is always trying new angles and media.

This set of pictures is a cross between a watercolour painting and a high-contrast B/W photo. Who is to say that an artist cannot mix and match his creative ideas in a digital age? But what is important is you can trust Eric to not play games with you when it is about art.