The next host

Red Bougainvillea

Victor Chin’s exhibition In the Face of Disability ended on the 29 Feb at the KLPac and it was its third home. The collection is now waiting to continue its tour to the next host. It started on 14 Jan. and within the 46 days that the display was on at the KLPac, the photographs had attracted numerous remarks and comments and here is a selection taken from Victor’s visitor’s book and press cuttings.

‘Inspired work and inspiring.’ Joan Russell

‘Humbling, inspirational, glorious…’ Joe Hasham & Faridah Merican

‘I’m v. happy to see you progress from one neglected aspect of KL to its ‘neglected’ people, and you’ve taken in your embrace more than just KL people. Remember how we once tried to save “Court Hill”? Well done! ’ Wan Hulaimi

‘These photographs are vary sensitive & beautiful – I especially like the group shots (swimmers) – very poignant.’ Gabrielle Bates

‘Wow! Moved me to tears. Thank you for reminding me about courage.’ Shahnaz.

‘Your exhibition is a good concept and it makes all disable people proud’ Lim Anuar

‘Beautiful. U made me realize the other part of what life is about. Thank U.’ Kee Nyap

‘…The images are simple and stark, making no attempt to hide or mask the disability that it photographs. Yet, the vitality and the verve of his subjects make that very disability almost disappear as it is cloaked by the grandeur and strength of the spirit it embodies…’ Anandhi Gopinath, The Sun.

This is a word of thanks to everyone who had visited, helped out and wrote about the show.